Author : Matthew Benedictus Patty  Hello, my name is Matthew Benedictus Patty, and I’m here to tell you about my experience as an 8th grade junior high student at Sekolah Tunas Indonesia during Entrepreneur Week. Every year, our school hosts an E-Week to collect funds for charity. All of the money we make goes to […]


Author : Adrian Juro  Democracy is a system of government in which state power is vested in the people or the general population of a state. According to the United Nations, democracy “provides an environment that respects human rights and fundamental freedoms, and in which the freely expressed will of people is exercised.” The word […]

Let’s Save

Saving is an educational tool. From an early age (starting at the age of 5), STI students are accustomed to the practice of saving. The purpose of this activity is quite simple, which is to instill in them the habit of managing finances for their future needs. To make students enjoy saving, STI has created […]

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