STI’s Learning Support Division (LSD) provides an opportunity for students with special needs to grow and improve their development and reduce obstacles through the concept of learning in a general environment according to their needs with the goal to assimilate and smoothly transition into the mainstream school. Our LSD platform combines academic and non academic programs through educational services which understand the diverse conditions of students with special needs. Our commitment to advancing our special needs students is supported by passionate educational leaders by employing interventions and the concept of a continuous learning experience and by serving our special needs students with fair treatment and placing them in a diverse community environment.


Early Childhood

Early childhood education services for children with special needs (LSD Kindergarten Class)

Basic Education Services

Basic education services integrated with regular formal education that uses the national curriculum for basic education (SD ORBIT Class)

PKBM Education Services

PKBM education services Package A for Children with Special Needs. (LSD PKBM Class)

Consulting Services

Learning system consulting services for Children with Special Needs


Sekolah Tunas Indonesia uses a combined integration of the National Standard Curriculum (K13) and Cambridge Primary Curriculum style. This integration focuses on making connections for students, allowing them to engage in relevant, meaningful actvities that are applicable to real life situation. It also opens the potential for both teachers and students to become more successful in the classroom. STI has hosted the Cambridge English Test and has become a Cambridge English Assessment – Authorized Exam Centre for 2020.


Admission into the Primary School at Sekolah Tunas Indonesia requires a potential student to be 7 years old or at least 6 years old in July. If the student is less than 6 years old, please attach a recommendation letter from a psychologist stating that in his/her professional assessment, such student is deemed matured and capable to join a primary school

Vocal and Physical Warmups

Voice & Speech Work

Language & Communication Skills

Presentation Skills

Drama & Literacy



  • Application Form
  • Interview with Head Teacher


  • Birth Certificates (Akta Kelahiran)
  • Family Card (Kartu Keluarga)
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