Author : Matthew Benedictus Patty 

Hello, my name is Matthew Benedictus Patty, and I’m here to tell you about my experience as an 8th grade junior high student at Sekolah Tunas Indonesia during Entrepreneur Week. Every year, our school hosts an E-Week to collect funds for charity. All of the money we make goes to charity and people in need!

Before the event, my group and I had previously planned what we were going to sell and printed our menu posters several months in advance. It took us a while to select what to sell because we needed to ensure that what we were selling was interesting to kindergartners and primary students, which was difficult, but my group eventually decided to draw inspiration for our menu from Japanese sweets. Our menu consisted of four items: Tanghulu, Fruit Sando, Churros, and Sakura Drink. Well, the churros aren’t actually Japanese, but we heard that a lot of primary students enjoyed them, so why not add them to the menu, right?

And the parents must be thinking, “My kids shouldn’t be consuming this much sweets; it’s unhealthy.” Well, don’t worry, parents, because my group has made our menu options both delicious and healthy, because they all contain fresh fruits, so the children will enjoy their snacks while also getting more vitamins!

The event began at 10 a.m., and my friends and I had already prepared ourselves at 7 a.m. We then began selling from the first break to the second break, which was really frantic and overwhelming. Fortunately, we had a lot of assistance, so we weren’t alone and got through it together. My group and I then donated all our money by purchasing rice, oil, and a variety of other items to help people

We purchased them and then packaged them into very elegant tote bags to give to them. We then proceeded about Bintaro distributing it to street sellers, sweepers, road cleaners, and other workers. We had a great time conversing with them and supporting them with our donations.

We learned a lot of life skills during E-WEEK, including teamwork, contribution, entrepreneurship, communication, leadership, and many others. I appreciate how we not only learn about subjects in books, but also get life lessons and skills through activities like these.

Thank you for reading my article! I hope you enjoy STI as much as I do!

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