Art or Performing Arts is not just a leisure activity or hobby. Performing Arts serves as a means to stimulate students to create or engage in artistic activities. Initially, this activity may be seen as a channel for hobbies, passion, enjoyment, or happiness for students. However, when organized continuously, it gradually becomes an effective means to stimulate various hobbies into alternative professions. It is not impossible that, afterward, STI students will venture into the creative industry armed with their honed talents. As we know, many successful creative industries started as hobbies, then were nurtured, directed, and supported by schools, eventually developing a solid structure.

From the perspective of parents, they undoubtedly want their children to engage in positive and influential activities. Performing Arts not only provides entertainment for children but also creates an ecosystem where they can process, practice, initiate, and create. This way, they are not just positioned as spectators but, more importantly, as participants. Despite being enjoyable, activities in the performing arts constitute a form of education, so students are also educated, trained to be serious, committed, and accustomed to organized conceptual teamwork.

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