“Because it had been previously active in the Adrianus Noë Center (ANC), a social institution that we established earlier, initially, we intended to name this school ‘The Adrianus Noë Memorial School.’ However, some local residents came and protested the use of that name, primarily because the name sounded foreign and was perceived to indicate a Christian name. Residents suspected that the school intended to carry out Christianization. When it was explained that the name actually belonged to an atheist, their argument changed again with accusations that the name had colonial connotations and was associated with colonization as it originated from the Netherlands. In the confusion of finding a suitable replacement name, we finally decided to use a simple name taken from its legal entity. The legal entity overseeing the school is the Yayasan Sekolah Tunas Indonesia. That’s why the school was inaugurated as Sekolah Tunas Indonesia. Later, the phrase ‘a member of Adrianus Noë Center’ was added to emphasize the intention long envisioned by the founder of STI.”

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