In President Jokowi’s administration, adherence to Nawacita is considered an added value. In this regard, there are Nawacita values that are believed to be in line with the values of inclusive and sustainable culture, namely: (i) improving the quality of education and training, (ii) prioritizing character education, (iii) proportionally teaching the history of nation formation, (iv) understanding the values of patriotism, (v) spirit of defending the country and love for the homeland, (vi) strengthening diversity and social restoration, (vii) moral education, (viii) creating a space for democratic dialogue, (ix) mental revolution, to adapt to the dynamic and diverse global environment.

We see the elaboration of the nine aspirations (nawa) of Jokowi as a concrete step that needs to be incorporated into the academic agenda in Indonesia. If implemented with discipline and consistency, it will undoubtedly be a differentiator for future generations of Indonesians.

In theory, the curriculum based on Nawacita refers to a curriculum that has a proportional balance between character education and scientific knowledge, along with professional elements. However, the practical application needs to be carefully mapped out. The newly appointed minister tasked with this responsibility is likely still in the process of conducting a comprehensive, holistic, and in-depth evaluation related to historical, empirical, and academic aspects. Reflecting on the implementation of previous curricula, the Ministry of Education is expected to test, strengthen, and assess the functionality of the curriculum before implementing it in a measured manner.

We recognize that the implementation of the Nawacita Curriculum will take time. The essence of the curriculum is commendable, but it clearly requires a gradual process. STI itself has implemented the 2013 Curriculum with improvements here and there, collaborating with the MyPal Curriculum from Singapore and the Cambridge Curriculum. We believe that the curriculum we have been using so far is the most suitable, while also anticipating the success of the Ministry of Education in formulating the Nawacita Curriculum in a permanent format that does not constantly change its basis.

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