Life of Raden Ajeng Kartini

Life of Raden Ajeng Kartini Author & Editor : Malikha Cataleya Alma Rivai (Class 5P) Raden Ajeng Kartini, also known as Raden Ayu Kartini was a prominent Indonesian activist who advocated forwomen’s rights and female education. R.A Kartini is the daughter of the Regent of Jepara. She was born on April 21, 1879. Kartini suffered […]

Let’s Save

Saving is an educational tool. From an early age (starting at the age of 5), STI students are accustomed to the practice of saving. The purpose of this activity is quite simple, which is to instill in them the habit of managing finances for their future needs. To make students enjoy saving, STI has created […]

The vision underlying STI

In the movement for educational reform, STI aims to play a role in advocating for the democratization of education, enriching the nation’s life, and advocating for equal educational opportunities for the nation’s future generations, both regular and those with special needs. A concrete step taken is the establishment of educational institutions for the future generation. […]

Curriculum Based on Nawacita

In President Jokowi’s administration, adherence to Nawacita is considered an added value. In this regard, there are Nawacita values that are believed to be in line with the values of inclusive and sustainable culture, namely: (i) improving the quality of education and training, (ii) prioritizing character education, (iii) proportionally teaching the history of nation formation, […]

Political Pedagogy Awareness

“Good education must incorporate pedagogical politics, namely politics that are educational in nature. In this context, education should provide enlightenment and understanding that all humans as inhabitants of the earth have universal rights to education. Despite cultural and physical markers, identities may differ, but in Human Rights, all differences based on race, ethnicity, culture, customs, […]

STI Art Performance Stimulator

Art or Performing Arts is not just a leisure activity or hobby. Performing Arts serves as a means to stimulate students to create or engage in artistic activities. Initially, this activity may be seen as a channel for hobbies, passion, enjoyment, or happiness for students. However, when organized continuously, it gradually becomes an effective means […]

History of the STI Name

“Because it had been previously active in the Adrianus Noë Center (ANC), a social institution that we established earlier, initially, we intended to name this school ‘The Adrianus Noë Memorial School.’ However, some local residents came and protested the use of that name, primarily because the name sounded foreign and was perceived to indicate a […]

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